For cold winter days: A coat over her wedding dress

Delicate snowflakes, freezing temperatures at night as during the day, ice-covered roads – a winter wedding can not just beautiful, but also very cold. The vast majority of wedding dresses are not geared to such temperatures, including the majority of couples married in the spring and summer. Sheath wedding dressesOf course, in the winter bride first of all by a warm tights and even winter boots make do with a floor-length wedding dress. But a piece of clothing that can be worn over the dress depends on the few of us in the closet. Finally, the bride to be seen also in the mantle to even as such. The more we are pleased to have found this beautiful white winter coat that not only fits perfectly with the wedding dress, column wedding dressesbut also in the snow for a better bride look in the current collection of Eternity Bridal.

Also German bridal fashion designers to offer increasingly warm accessories for the winter wedding. The Berlin designer Anne Wolf has a whole collection of different coats for cold days on offer.

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