Coming-of-Age: Fashion Design from Los Angeles

May I introduce: Fashion design from Los Angeles, by Tatyana Peter. Peter’s designs are undoubtedly quite romantic — and very feminine.

They are reminiscent of a time most women probably still remember: back in our school days, Vestidos de dama de honrawhen we were–together with our girlfriends– digging through the closet of a fashionable mother, rehearsing for the big appearance as grown-up women.

Featherboas, High heels, Satin gloves, veiled hats…

Meanwhile, this sense for glamour has given way to reality: in the best possible scenario, Vestidos Coquetelour clothes are posh, but practical. After all, we are busy running around most of the time.

Tatyana’s dresses, however, give that girl from back then a voice once again: inspiring us to enjoy wearing that ultra-feminine dress, to feel the pride we felt back then, which gave us a joyous notion of what there is to come: The feeling, that it is absolutely fantastic being a woman.

Finally, we realize that we actually have arrived at exactly the place in time we were looking forward to so much.

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