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.Of course it is discrimination, writes Ayman. “But it’s my country, I have work and a place to live.” You might k? Easily the impression that the 25-year-year-old simply ignore what is happening around him. But that w re? Thought to be too short.


Who red evening dresses is a bit of research behind his smile L, which is aware of a deep inner conflict -? W while the desire not to be too ideological. Ayman will not suffer, are not subject to a mentality t, the handlungsunf him? Hig would. Two days ago he had a very important date in the Israeli Ministry of Interior. Ayman has decided that pal? Stine Malaysian refugee problem card to? Leave his parents and parents Gro. He asked the Israeli passport. “I want Fruits m traveling?, Which is important for my work as a cinematographer. Currently I have 21 days to wait for a permit,” he says.WEDDING ACCESSORIES

. The pass is meant freedom – and limitations. His grandmother, who lives in the West Bank, Ayman Lifta is no longer allowed to visit. As an Israeli citizen, he can not walk? in their place. The step of Israeli Arabs prefer Israeli citizenship, is not au? Ergew? Similar. Polls IMRA Research Institute, show, specializing in Arab-Israeli relations and that only 14 percent of the Arabs who are already Israeli citizenship, they would for you Pal? Stinenser. This step is still problematic – pers personally and socially?. “I needed two years for this decision,” said Ayman. Many young Arab Israelis and Pal? Stinenser or Israeli identity t between the two K? Pots. Experts, such as the education of scientists and sociologist Khaled Abu-Asbah even speak of a “crisis” of the young Arab populace. What to Ayman has perhaps weighed, it was the support of his parents, who did this mainly: let him alone pink evening dresses. “You talk about my decision, but I lay down my life,” says Ayman. The application process is complicated and lengthy. Six months Ayman had to wait for the appointment, after budding a mountain of documents runs: school reports, profit and loss statements, bills to show that he tions living in Israel, account data, certified proof of his whole Verm and that? he is not married. “It’s as black bridesmaid dresses h? Tte I come from Russia,” he says. Now it will take another six months until he obtains notice? Lt Whether it makes him angry to have to undergo these tests, but where he has lived here all his life? “I know not honestly give a damn,” Ayman said, “I prove myself as a person.” Detours on his smile L?, This time he waived

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