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After the exciting ceremony and after many congratulations of the guests, the wedding party goes generally to the place of celebration. This may be a pub, a club house in the local place or even your own garden or the home of their own. Locations for the wedding ceremony, there are many different and there are many different ways to celebrate a wedding. But what always heard this is a champagne reception where the bride and groom turn, receives congratulations and wedding gifts. Here there is usually also the first opportunity to talk alone with the guests. The champagne reception, however, is always limited in time, so that the subsequent celebration including the program from becoming entangled.

Wedding Jacket.Champagne, Prosecco or sparkling wine will be served to the champagne reception, for example, this comes on the wedding budget on. Which of course should not be missed, are soft drinks for children or guests who do not like alcohol. Always welcome at a champagne reception, various snacks such as finger food and canapes.

WEDDING ACCESSORIES.Who wants to make the classic champagne reception something sparkling, for example, are to some juice or champagne colored syrup. When the syrup in the color of the wedding decoration. Very original currants are also in champagne glass. Such little things bring guests to marvel again and again.
The wedding took place in the summer, it is also possible to give the champagne reception immediately following the ceremony at the church or registry office. Simply plug in some high tables, decorate with flowers and candles and think of seating for older guests. These will accept it gratefully.
Often, not all guests who attend the wedding ceremony, also at the following celebrations in hindsight it. It is therefore advisable to already have some wedding photos during a champagne reception. So also those who prefer to go to the champagne reception to be featured on some photos. Over here the wedding photographer must be informed in advance. Of course it is possible to organize and carry out the complete champagne reception by a caterer. He does all the work and the couple have to worry about anything, except to care for themselves that it is the most beautiful day of your life.

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