The last century wedding dress

Oh how wonderful – I’ve discovered new trends in bridal fashion. And I must admit, I’m excited. What has already arrived in other fashion lines, the bridal fashion designers have also brought in their collections. Since weddings are nowadays more as an event, the wedding dresses are becoming more unusual, not crazy, but they have a lot more whistle and extravagance. I like this development very much.

Wedding Dresses.I begin with a nostalgic chic style of the ’20s. What we know of divas from the roaring ’20s, is now once again this year be seen in the bridal fashion – style, elegance and emancipation. We remember the time and photographs of the time when women were smoking and drinking photographed with “Smokey Eyes”. The wedding dresses are narrow, knee-length and are enhanced with beads or feather boas. Who gets married in this style, you should definitely be at the wedding ceremony, the sounds play from this period: the Charleston.
We make a leap and come to the 50s. At that time there was evening glamor and the latest fashions for example, were presented with champagne in the fashion showroom of a selected clientele. The models of that time were of course supplied tailored to the customers. Grace Kelly and Marilyn Monroe were the figureheads that time. And the style of the time we find today in the bridal wear again. Much cleavage, long skirts, petticoats.
Special Occasion Dresses.In the ’60s arrived, it is garishly colorful, flashy, trendy and crazy. This bridal fashion style is more suitable for the bride who really dares to contact and colorful with plenty of leg room in front of the altar. For a wedding that is celebrated under a motto, but this style is wonderfully suited. The 60 – Twist and rock and roll and plenty of hairspray on the teased hairstyle goes before the wedding couple in the pink Cadillac. Splendid idea!
Let us go quickly to the 70s, showing much transparency in the bridal wear but are still elegant. The 70s were the hippie years, as can be seen in the wedding dresses, but in the neat and refined version à la Romy Schneider. All in all, I can say I’m a fan of this new trend in bridal fashion. Since marriage is fun again!

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