Family wedding in style


Wedding Dresses.This southern wedding overlooking the Ashley River in Charleston, South Carolina is so charming and pretty! I am in love with Tess + Rob’s choice of venue, the Lowndes Grove Plantation…as Tess explains, ‘with the breathtaking views of the water and the charm of the property it epitomizes the many reasons why we love [...]

Choose their own wedding theme


A couple weekends ago, Enrique and I invited our friends over to his house for a barbeque. With everyone relaxed and having a good time, the conversation turned to our wedding plans. Wedding Dresses.First, “So, what’s your theme for the wedding?” “The theme is us,” I said. Next came the follow-up, “What are your colors?” [...]

Crazy wedding dress


Wedding Dresses.“Let’s try that one first,” I said, pointing to the craziest wedding gown the saleswoman had selected for me. It was tight through the hips, with geometric ribbon designs that started on the bodice and trailed down through the choppy tulle skirt. It was an avant-garde kind of wedding dress you might wear if [...]

Different shapes of wedding dress


Wedding dresses are available in great shape. These people were built and so each pair is the shape, these look best for this. A second time, the particular bride’s personality, quantity and private personal preferences have to be seen, while in the form of outfit she is true. There are numerous varieties of wedding ceremony [...]

Romantic royal wedding


WEDDING ACCESSORIES.In recent months there have been three romantic weddings in royal houses. The media world was upside down and the women of the world could not be fantastically designed wedding dresses of princesses their eyes. And a woman is lying, she would say that she did not even wear their own wedding one of [...]

Wedding dress accessories


No woman get along without them. On the wedding day, this is no different. The handbag is an essential accessory to any woman want to miss. Handbags not only look great and enhance any outfit, but they are very practical. In the handbag comes in all what a woman during the day or in the [...]

Wedding celebration


What is there not to decorate everything, when a wedding is celebrated. This begins with the bride’s bouquet and ends with the decoration of the church if a church wedding is planned. But who wants to marry, celebrate the most wonderful time in life. A festive decoration is therefore to a wedding party to do [...]

The last century wedding dress


Oh how wonderful – I’ve discovered new trends in bridal fashion. And I must admit, I’m excited. What has already arrived in other fashion lines, the bridal fashion designers have also brought in their collections. Since weddings are nowadays more as an event, the wedding dresses are becoming more unusual, not crazy, but they have [...]

Dinner dress worn by friends


After the exciting ceremony and after many congratulations of the guests, the wedding party goes generally to the place of celebration. This may be a pub, a club house in the local place or even your own garden or the home of their own. Locations for the wedding ceremony, there are many different and there [...]

Affordable wedding dresses configuration


When preparing to prepare for your wedding you need an affordable budget with the help of funds in search of every single part of the wedding and wedding party founded. If you are choosing your personal clothing, this could certainly develop a significant damage as part of your over-all spending budget. My goal is to [...]